Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Horse Racing on Nevis. March 27, 2011 (17.15, -61.63)

Strolling around Nevis, we read a poster about horse racing that afternoon. One of the horses was named Obama, and the poster proclaimed "Obama say Limb by Limb we a go cut dem down." We wanted a chance to bet on Obama, so off we went.

We learned that race horses in Nevis are primarily rescue horses from Puerto Rico.  Local enthusiasts take horses that would otherwise be put down, and train them. Obama lived up to his reputation and came home a winner in his race, and the track was one of the most scenic anyone could find. Here are photos of the jockeys walking to their mounts, Obama headed for the starting line, horses racing home, and the grandstands.

Throughout the Caribbean we have seen our President viewed as an inspiration and symbol of hope to the people who live here - St. Kitts has an honorary stamp and Antigua has renamed its highest mountain. Many businesses have posted photos of Obama.